I can't take this anymore I miss my ex so much I can't even explain it but I have a new boyfriend and I don't know if I like him please read and help?

I love my ex boyfriend so much and I thought we left on good notes but ever since school started when we passed each other he wouldn't make eye contact just walk by and shoulder nudge he was my first boyfriend and he made me so happy so I tried to move on so I flirted with this guy in one of my classes and he asked me out and I said yes but I don't feel the same he's nothing like my ex my ex was perfect and my ex for the first time looked at me when he saw us holding hands and hug but I don't know if my new boyfriend knows I'm trying to make my ex jealous and now I feel bad for him cause he really likes me be I really love my ex and he doesn't know it and I'm so unhappy when my ex saw me and him holding hands his face was red and he started talking to this girl the thing is the first day of school I liked my new boyfriend but when we started dating I realized how much more I loved my ex what shud I do my new boyfriend is a sweetheart and I don't wanna crush his heart it's only our second day dating 1. what shud I do 2. do u think I made him jealous 3. how do I get an ex boyfriend back


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  • Me thinks you should be focusing on school... But ill help
    problemo 1. WT actual F dump him no point in carrying on a pointless relationship. I can't tell you how to feel but you're in dangerous territory. He's is ignoring you on purpose for some reason...
    2. Yes you made him jealous... Did you break up with him?
    3. You haven't talked to him yet have you?

    • um he broke up with me and I haven't talked to him yet

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  • are u like 12. focus on school

    • no I'm not I'm in high school if ur not here to help leave