Finding things to say?

I am always in amazement on how people can find plenty of things to say whether in person and/or over the phone. There is this girl I like, and just seem to do better texting. I recently decided to call her, which I thought was alright. Now that I am thinking about calling her again I don't know what I want to say to her that I haven't asked already like: What she does for her free time, what does she do for a job, places she has traveled. Spoke to her about myself some, I don't really want to talk about myself unless she asks because I want to find out about her. I just have a hard time figuring what to say without repeating myself or making the conversation sound random and very choppy instead of having it flow smoothly. I am always nervous about quietness, because I don't know where to steer the conversation next. I know that the man should be the one to have the conversation moving and going. The next thing is actually trying to flirt with her so she knows that I like her, and not trying to mess things up so that she can see that I am worth being with. I am looking for advice on how to talk to a girl over the phone and keep her interested. Not to mention we live in different states, I believe she is worth really trying for. Well any girl I speak to I think is worth it, because I am not necessarily the guy that just talks to a girl just to get some. If I go out of my way to talk to a girl I really want to date you and possibly want to be more than just a fling (especially since I am shy and not great with women).


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  • The girl is the one that should ebay@ebay. com carrying the conversation. You need to be asking her questions, get her talking, but don't act like it's an interview. 70% her talking, 30% you.