Do girls like it when guys pursue them? even when they don't seem that interested?


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  • Short answer is "no." Studies have shown most men misread women's signals in their favor, thinking she is more interested than she really is. So if you don't think she's interested, chances are she really really isn't. And pursing someone who's not at all interested is just embarrassing for you and annoying for them.
    However, it's also possible to miss signals of interest. If she's "playing hard to get," then yes she wants to be pursued. This is more rare than a lot of guys think, though, so don't be too quick to assume that's the case.

    • how can i tell if she's "playing hard to get?"

    • Unfortunately it's not always easy to tell. But one of the best indicators is if she delays responding to calls and texts, but DOES consistently respond. If she never gets back to you within like a week and makes excuses why not, chances are she is not playing hard to get and truly isn't interested.

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  • If she makes it very obvious that she isn't interested but he keeps pursuing then it will get irritating really quickly. But if it's not clear than maybe she would like it- you know, boost of confidence type thing

    • so wait until its obvious af? i don't ever make assumptions about women.

  • Depends why do you think she's not interested? Sometimes guys misread our signals both ways. So iffy

    • lol. I told her I was busy all weekend after trying to make plans and she hasn't contacted me in 4 days. and when i asked her out it no shit took her exactly 24 hours to respond with the whole "idk what im doing this weekend yet, ill let you know, what are you thinking about doing?"

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    • i like her. we went on a date a while back and it went really well. but she just wasn't over her ex so i gave her space. i just think i might be coming on too strong.

    • Well you can read her body language trust your feelings. Maybe tell her you're interested but of she needs some space you'll back off.

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  • Don't waste your time man just let sleeping dogs lay down. Those bitches are crazy

    • Read my questions man don't set yourself up for drama, heartbreak or into a relationship with a bitch that ain't worth your time and is gonna cheat. I am no lazy I am getting sick of women in general I have had nothing but terrible experiences