Girls, Does she likes me?

So basically, There was this girl in another class studying the same course as me and we also work in the same working place. During our work, We used to talk quite often but we don't hang out. In school, we only talk for few minutes. There was this few days, She texted me 4 days in a row, the first day is where she asked me if i'm working tomorrow and all kind of stuff. 2nd she texted about something else like where she went on that day and what they do on that day which i gave her kind of short reply and kind of close ended question but then she tried to keep the conversation going. The 5th day, There wasn't any text from her anymore until i text her yesterday which was my first time texting her first, I saw a picture of her in the lift on the board and i took picture of it and send it to her saying "I saw you in the lift. You look so popular." Then she replied, "It's so ugly, OMG and she said thanks for noticing me with the monkey emoji closing it eyes." All the words are in caps lock. Then i proceed on and say "No, It's not ugly, It looks good to me." and then she didn't reply me till now which is more than a day and i guess she has probably seen the message because i saw her online so yeah but we saw each other today and it was so awkward that we only say hi to each other without having little conversation between the both of us. I'm still pondering if she has a crush on me. Need advice from girls on why they ignore my message or why didn't they reply? Was my text inappropriate or something?


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  • No, at least not anymore. Maybe she was interested in the beginning.


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