Should I continue seeking a relationship with this guy? Confused and maybe insecure on what to do?

I have been texting and talking on the phone with this guy for a few months now and we have only hung out once. He has told me that he is busy with work and his kid a lot so sometimes I dont text him so Im not bothering him. I know he likes me and I like him but Im wondering if I should move on. I feel that if he liked me he would try harder to make time for me. Im one of those who believe the phrase "Im busy" is just an excuse. We live in the same town, maybe less than ten minutes away from each other and have only seen him once. What should I do? Guys would you make time for a girl you like and knows likes you?

I do text him first. Sometimes I do wait for him though because I dont like to feel like a bother to people. When we talk on the phone sometimes its for two hours or more and feel that if he has the time for that why not just see me?


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  • Doesn't seem like he's making time for you since it's been few months and you've only hung out once.

    • Thats what Im thinking but didn't want to jump the gun

    • Bear in mind that he has a kid and the kid is probably his world, so everything comes second to his kid

    • True. He has told me though that his ex spent what sounds like a lot of time with him. Starting to wonder if he just doesn't see me as good enough to make time for?

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  • Perhaps he is Not only this busy Beaver 'With Work,' but Mainly using this Lame Duck Excuse because Of... His kid.
    I agree with you here, dear, on All Accounts. However, the One big difference with His "Im Busy," this guy makes his Offspring a Top Priority and there doesn't seem to be Room, much less a Real Relationship, for You nor any Other girl at the moment in his life.
    Move on. You deserve someone more Available and More like a Free bird like yourself and More like a Steady Eddy.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, hun, for the Vote of Confidence, and more Free fish in the sea for thee. xxoo

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  • If a guy cannot or will not make time for you he's def not interested becouse if he were he would show you otherwise

  • Then you should show this by texting him first,
    I mean there is no problem in texting him first or you won't lose your self esteem by doing it. It looks like your guy got angry about idea of him always pushing relationship forward and you always LAZY.

    You won't text him he will not either
    YOu will part your ways

    • I have texted him first a few times he usually answers quickly or even calls me. I just find it weird he can't make time to see me but he has two hours or more to talk on the phone with me.

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    • I mean I do like that he calls me since a lot of people I dated didn't seem to know how to pick up the phone but talking isn't the same as being with them.

    • I will agree with this calling isn't the same thing as kissing the chick in real life.

  • No I am busy is not an excuse, sometimes people are too busy to sustain a relationships. Relationships require a lot of hard work and commitment to keep them going and someone with a lot of stuff going on cannot possibly fulfil the necessary requirements of a relationship.

    I should know I am such a person that is too busy for a relationship.


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