Best way to let a shy guy know you like him?

I recently met this really sweet guy who seems to be into me. He's a waiter at a tea house I sometimes go to, we kinda hit it off the few times he served me and I ended up giving him my number to help him out with a work issue (I'm in law, he's being underpaid and needed some advice). He came over to my house, we talked about his work problem but about a lot of other stuff too... and he mentioned he's extremely shy, so I was wondering what the best way to approach him would be (without seeming too agressive but making sure he knows I like him)


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  • you have to be forward and tell him how you feel about him and what you want, plus showing affection and being sweet helps too. ask him questions like, does he have a girlfriend? does he want a girlfrien?, does he think your beautiful? does he want you to be his girlfriend? etc. etc. its soo simple

    • Hey thanks for answering! Don't you think it might be too forward, though? I wouldn't wanna scare him away by asking such blunt questions

    • NP, your not going to scare him away, guys are not like girls and do that shit, as a guy i can tell you i want a girl to be forward, and im sure many other guys want that too.

    • Fair enough, thanks for your input :)

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  • Just bluntly tell him you like him

  • You are either a crappy law person or extremely horny. Anyway, best way to show you like him is to invite him over again. Have him sit on the couch while you leave the room. You come back in naked, kneel in front of him and unzip his pants. Proceed to blow him for awhile, then pull his pants off, climb on the couch and let him drill you. He will get the message.

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    • @AriadneSky -- :-)

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