Is he into me or just being nice?

So, last night i went out with my brother and a few of his friends. i have a crush on one of them (we'll call him chris) and my brother is aware of it which is why he invited me out. we all got drunk, and I did way more than anyone (thanks tequila). My brother left because chris offered to take me home. Apparently in my inebriated state, I gave him my number (aggressively i might add lmao) I also ended up asking him if he's ever had sex with a black girl before (super embarrassing i know). And then I threw up. He decided to take me to his house. He took care of me, ran me a shower, put me to bed and washed my clothes and he slept on the couch.

When I woke up we talked for a few hours and I asked him to take me home. On the way home he told me what I said to him and that I gave him my number. I was mortified because I did not remember any of that. He also asked me if I would be busy later today and this weekend. After he dropped me off he texted me so that I would have his number.

I have gone out drinking with them multiple times so he knows I don't ever get shit faced like last night. I am just beyond embarrassed but some of my friends are telling me I am making too big of a deal out of it. How can I do damage control? And is he even into me or is he just being nice?


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  • Of course he's into you. He generally cares about you. Sounds like a nice guy. Date him


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  • I think he cares about you

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