Should I apologize to a friendly coworker?

I fell in love with with a friendly coworker... (Although she kinda avoided telling me she was seeing someone and she didn't clearly tell me she wasn't interested...)

I asked her out, she said maybe... but we still continued to talk and when I found out she was seeing another man, I kinda stopped talking to her... ( After I found out, she started bad mouthing him to me... But I thought she was just looking for attention)

It's one year later now, we haven't really talked... I still have some feelings, and I guess single or not she doesn't like me...

So I have a chance to talk to her today...

Should I say sorry for misinterpreting her friendliness? and for not dealing with it like a normal person and talking to her instead of ignoring her?

Should I tell her I feel misled? and that's why I was ignoring her?

Should I just not say anything? I have a good chance to talk today so I am unsure right now...

I really thought she misled me, but I am not sure... Maybe she did a bit?

I read this article and she does all of this...


Most Helpful Girl

  • She probably forgot all about it. Just let it go

    • She forgot about everything?

      :( Really?

    • I should have listened

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's best to leave things alone, sometimes confronting makes things worse or even apologizing

    • I was wondering because I don't want want tension at work, I don't even think things can get more tense...

    • If you're going to apologise then make it simple and to the point and not bring bang too much memories

    • It made things worse

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  • Leave it alone unless she brings it up.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't bring it up. Be strictly business professional

    • I just want us to be on good terms...

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