Should I feel bad if no woman ever approached me then no woman will ever be interested in me?

Since if a woman was interested in me, then I would have gotten approached, but I haven't. Therefore, I don't exist to the opposite gender as dating material. How do I stop feeling bad if that's the case?

I approach women I like, but I always get rejected. No woman ever approaches me either. :( Is that bad?
I'm just insecure and worried because I hear some women say " if women haven't approach you then obviously they're not interested, tough luck." Words like make me as a guy I should just kill myself. It's depressing... I just would like a different perspective or maybe just kill myself...


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  • Most women never approach men, and loads of men get rejected even the good looking ones. So don't feel bad.


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  • try to read girls before approaching them, if you smile and they smile back they're less likely to reject you...
    and try and take care of your appearance that is always a plus

  • You have to be strategic when approaching girls. You can't just approach them out of nowhere. If you do it like that, even the most attractive guy in the world is likely to get rejected. Everything has to be smooth. Good luck!

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    • A cookie would be nice. lol

    • But really, I'm kinda negative and would like some constructive advice?

    • Mmmm let me think. Stick a banana up your ass and pretend to be gay?

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  • You're looking for external factors to motivate and influence you... what you need is some serious self loving homie... Life is WAYYYYY too short to be worrying about wether or not a female wants you or not... Have you traveled anywhere? Have you tried any exotic foods? Have you done anything of significance that YOU are proud of? Have you got your dream job? You're the prize and the catch not them... stop putting them on the pedestal.

  • Dude this is the same story with me

    • I'm tired of it I'm about to turn 25 and most likely I will give up on dating

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    • You seem average to me. We're often our worse critic. Focus on yourself and meeting people by doing things you enjoy. Enrich your life and if you meet more people, then some of those people will be women. Maybe you'll find someone. Or they'll find you because now people get a chance to know you.

  • Seriously wtf are you or any guy on here taking dating advice from the
    females on here? They don't know wtf they want and even if they did
    their still not happy. One minute its I want a guy who's sweet and caring
    the next My boyfriend of 6 months is acting like a complete sissy he never defends
    me or himself.