I recently met a nice girl at a summer camp, what do I do now?

Obviously putting in some more details,
She literally said " Anyone busing with me?" and I was the only volunteer, and we chatted a bit and I got her Instagram, we've been talking for two days about a lot of different things and I like her already, but I haven't been overly flirty so I don't know how much she likes me, she happens to be 14 when I'm 16 (but she acts and talks like 16), and I know that she goes to an all girls school while I go to an all boys schoo, so neither of us hang around the opposite gender too much.
She's been fairly interested in what I have to say and seems to respond seriously yet with emojis. I tend to lead conversations but she asks her own questions here and there.
Do I confess my feelings, do I wait and flirt more, do I try and meet up with her more, or does she just want to be friends? Feel free to ask for more details!



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  • Ethnicity is irrelevant I think in this case... Anyways don't confess feelings yet. Make sure you do it in person if you do though!
    Does she have a boyfriend or is she even allowed to date or go out?

    Definitely hang out with her before the school year starts and summer ends! Group settings might be less nerve wrecking so invite your friends and she do the same

    • I'm 100% sure she's single, but you've raised a really good point about being allowed to date. I don't think the vast majority of parents would be very happy with their 14 year old daughter dating a 16 year old guy out of nowhere.
      Also, I've even told her this, but I'm usually really bad in group settings and I tend to get shunted to the "outside" of conversations.

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    • @_caaaaaaam You're not the first to ask that question lol. I'm a huge bookworm and I even enjoy writing more than what's needed on things I'm interested in. Besides, eloquent writing doesn't really say anything about age, and neither does age really matter on this site. Not offended in the slightest :)

    • :O thank you!!! Hope things go well :)

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  • Firstly, you don't want to rush into things. Doing so can lead to 1. You find out she's not the one and you wanna call quits when it's too late. 2. She finds you desperate and she drops you like Eminem did to the Mic in 8-Mile. Take things slow, my friend.

    • Thanks! Slow it is. Do I try flirting more or not?

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    • Wait a moment tho, being nice and kind like that tends to progress the relationship right into the friend zone. Wouldn't be a good idea to (sooner than later) drop a couple of hints here and there?

    • Hmm... I'd still say try the slow method, BUT, Don't get you know too friendsy with her. You don't want her to look to you as an option as a friend. Drop a little heavier flirts like. Somewhere around average. BUT NOT CONSTANTLY. Only at the right moments. Or you know, ask to hangout, and get to know each other more. Then slip in that "date question". Once the mood is set and all.

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  • whats your ethnicity?

    • ... white, and hers may be mixed or white, never asked.

    • Welp, she's half Asian in case you really wanted to know, came up in conversation.

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  • Lol calm down m8 and don't rush things.
    Take your time to know her. It might change a lot..
    Also you don't have to explain your age diffirence lol you two are only 2 years appart..

    • Two years is important at 14 and 16 (soon to be 17). As for calming down I can give it a shot lol but what happens if the twin hates me or something?