Is he still interested?

I started talking to this guy. We hit it off and things were great until everyone at work found out we were a thing. It really seems to bother him when people get in our business and ask about our personal life. He ended up getting mad because I kept bringing some girls staring at me and laughing at work. He eventually said that we needed to cool things off until we both didn't work there. We got in an argument and later that night, I texted him that he was worth so much more than just a job to me and I told him I was willing to quit since I didn't need the job. He asked to talk about it in person and said he'd still like to continue us and asked me not to quit my job. Is he just willing to talk things out to be nice or does he actually care?


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  • It sounds like he likes you but also cares about his job a lot and for whatever reason people knowing about the two of you is affecting him.

    It sounds like your dating relationship is very young and quitting your job is pretty crazy. I think that really puts a guy into an awkward situation regardless of his feelings for you. Whether or not he likes you, most guys will feel guilty if you quit your job for him so it's tough to figure out his true intentions when you made such a strong move


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  • Your a booty call.


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