He has 40 pairs of sneakers, expensive clothes, but CHEAP when out with you?

I am not all about the money... I just hate cheap guys.

When I was hanging around with my boyfriend, I had told him...

" babe I'm hungry"

His response: " so get ur self something to eat."

Another Cheap response of his: " how much money you got?"

If not he will take me to his house to eat his mothers food, I guess because he don't wanna spend money.

Girls cheap guys are a no no... Right?

Guys.. Y are some of you cheap? LOL


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  • There's a difference between being cheap and choosing not to unnecessarily spend money.

    If it has become a habit of yours to just say "Feed me" while you two are out together, then you either need to start helping foot the food bill or packing a sandwich, because it's extremely wasteful for you to expect him to treat you to eating out every time you get hungry. Even more so, guys at your age aren't going to have the income that a guy out of college would have, so unnecessarily spending money is an even larger blow to them.

    If your boyfriend WANTS to treat you to food, then let him. Don't expect it. If it's common for you to get hungry while you're out, take a sandwich with you. He is your boyfriend, not your sugar daddy.

  • Maybe he's saving up for a marriage ring. Guys +1 :]


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