Why would he do this to me?

So about 5 weeks ago I fell out with a guy I was talking to, bare in mind he's asked me on a date 3 times and when it gets closer to the day I hear nothing from him, the first time he give me a excuse I let that go, the second time he did also, but the third time nothing not even a text to even explain why he's let me down, it really got my back up and I spoke my mind and it got really heated the argument, anyway he delted me of everything but kept me on snapchat, and when I post a story he's always the first to look at it? I can't get my head around why he would ask me out three times but always let me down and then have the ordasity to call me pathetic and immature for arguing my point why I felt hurt and let down, and he's the one who deleted me of everything, but kept me on snapchat, we haven't spoken for 5 weeks now can anyone shed any light to what his game is?


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  • He's insulted you! Delete HIM from Snapchat and any other Social Media. Don't waste time trying to figure out what's going on. From my experience, you will find out the rest of the story/game in time without any need of effort on your part.

    Move on with your life!

    • What do you mean ill find out in time? And won't need effort on my part?

    • You will hear about this guy from your friends or his friends. People naturally gossip.

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  • Seems like he lost interest