So I just had my first "date" with a guy. I got my first kiss and now I'm waiting. We are both busy for a while. What do I do? How do I hook him more?

I've been talking to for the past month or less. He's always brought up about meeting me an getting to cuddle in bliss basically. We both available yesterday and we met for the first time. I'm 19 and he's 29. He has this mature, yet very young spirit about him. We met at the beach and talked for probably an hour, then layed down on the sand and cudded. After we got comfortable being close he started touching and caressing me so I did the same. No instant booty grab either. It was so peaceful and perfect. Then he leaned in for a kiss. My first kiss ever, it was amazing and very romantic. After, we made out for a little bit. That kiss is driving me wild. I may have let it slip that it was perfect, him, me, the breeze, the ocean and boats. He agreed and said that we should give this another shot and that he enjoyed the day and was so pleased we both got to spend the time with each other. If it wasn't that I had to work that I would have been there longer but it also gives him something to look forward to. After he kissed me I said wow that was my first kiss (I had mentioned it before) and he said that he was honored to have that privalige to do that. His presence swept me off my feet at hello. He doesn't talk to me as much as I wish he did. But again maybe that's a good thing. When I got home I messaged him with a little poem about how meaningful he was to my day and didn't say much other than he did have a good time🙂 I don't know what he's looking for but we are definitely attracted to each other and I hope it's enough to last for many more dates. I know he has a daughter (spends the weekends with her) but didn't flat out tell me. Im a bit sceptical if he still has feelings for her mother. I don't know when or if the relationship ended. Im his babe, baby, baby girl, baby doll, doll etc. Recently I noticed that he's been a little more distant and I think it's because "I have him hooked" (his words) that he was afraid that I wasn't going to follow through and meet him.


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  • Surest way to drive hi away I to use tricks or a duvets on him. He'll see it right away probably. Keep things simple and natural

    • I meant like little cute things, simple and natural is the way we have been so far and it's got me this far! Thanks!

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  • Date other guys, keep your options opem but do not have sex with them. I personally do not have sex with the men I date. You may find another guy who has better qualities

    • I didn't have sex with him and didn't plan on it either. I'm waiting for marriage and sticking to my guns on that one!

    • Good. I did not mean that you had sex with him, i was just givinh my advice

    • I have been talking to other guys. Hopefully I'll have a date within the next couple weeks with at least one other guy. I do want a serious relationship soon though where only one guy is in my life. And thank you!