Are there any decent free dating websites out there? What are your experiences from using them?

Are there any decent free dating websites out there? What are your experiences from using them?In this day and age a lot of people go to dating sites in the hope of finding love or maybe just a hook up but are there any free ones out there with people looking for something serious?

I'm 22 and I've been on multiple dating websites, all of them free. I've met 2 people from them, neither lead to a relationship... one of them was looking for a bit of 'fun' which I wasn't aware of until I actually met him. The other was planning our second date before we'd had our first and planning our future together before we'd walked into the restaurant...

I met my ex in real life... but... He was also on one of dating sites i had come off of weeks before hand which I found quite ironic, I found out that he stayed on it a year into our relationship (he didn't know how to delete it apparently).

So... are there any free dating sites to meet someone genuine who wants something serious but isn't desperate and wants to take things slowly?

I know some will say to avoid them completely and meet someone in real life, others may have had good experiences and met their now partner on one.
So guys and girls what are your experiences? And are there any you would recommend?


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  • I tried okcupid a number of years ago with no success, however, my good friend met his now wife on that site, so I would say there are mixed results.

    Personally, I kept my okcupid account for around 2 years after I met my ex, but i never checked it once we'd met, i just didn't think about it and all the reminder emails just went into my junk box.

    I did try again about a week ago, but immediately removed my account, because i don't think I'm ready yet.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

    • Oh I see, thank you very much! Funnily enough I have recently removed my OkCupid account haha. I just wasn't getting many people nearby and the ones that were I wasn't attracted too what so ever and had very little in common with.
      I hope that things get better for yourself soon too 😊

    • thank you, it's gonna take time, but I will get there. I did recently join a different site, more specialist, if your interested in what it is pm me!

      i'm still not convinced that it will work, but hey, you never know...

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  • I tried Kik, match, pof, okcupid, and topdatingwebsites. org
    topdatingwebsites. org is quite different, there are ten option, if you are looking for serious relationship, it a good palce
    If you looking for fun, then kik is good

    • Thank you very much! 😊
      I've tried most of those myself but everyone seems to just want want some fun!
      I'll give the top dating websites one a go 🙂

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  • I've heard good things about okcupid