How to get his interest back?

So i have been seeing this guy for 1 month plus now and we had been hanging out for a few times until 2 weeks. back. we haven't been talking to each other for 2 weeks now. I had a really great time with him and i had grew feelings for him. when we hang out together we got quite physical, he massage my shoulder, we held hands and we were flirting with each other a lot. but now we have't been talking. Did i do sth wrong that made him feel this way or is he just not interested in me anymore? Or am i just over thinking about things?


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  • Based on your scenario, He would text you back if he's really into you but looks like he kind of lost his interest or he probably need some time alone. Did you change something physically (e. g hairstyle. etc) or did you text him too often or something offensive kind of stuff? To get back his interest is really hard as when a guy loses interest it could take months or years for him or maybe none. If i really like /into that girl based on your scenario, i would have talk/text her because i would miss her so much that not talking her for 2 days makes me wanna know what she has been up to. 2 weeks is way too long and i don't think that a busy person can't take few minutes to initiate a text. We will always make time for the one we love no matter how busy we are.

    • No i didn't change physically or stuffs. i neither texted him too much also... I only texted him when i wanna ask him about something as he's now currently helping me with my rehab for my injured foot. BUT before stopped texting each other, i was kind of depressed and sad as my friend had passed away and he sis try to cheer me up but i was still sad. and i fell sick after a few days and we didn't talk as much anymore. And also when i was with him, a lot of my guy friends kept texting me on FB to chat with me.. I think he saw it. :(

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    • Yeah, It's perfectly normal. We tend to overthink when we find something is missing or is not there anymore but it's okay. Even though the replies might not be instant, it doesn't mean that he don't care anymore he might not be with his phone or probably busy. If he ask how's your day or keep asking you questions then it's totally fine which means he's still interested. But if the reply is kind of an end sentence then it's not working. Don't overthink too much! Sometimes is best for a girl to text a guy first to show that you actually interested so that he i'll do the same if he likes you.

    • He now messages me first and starts a new conversation with me. Last time i was always the person who starts conversation. lol But we have always been chatting through FB messenger and have not exchange numbers. haha He now evens tells me that he will chat with me later or when he's free as we both have just started our internship in the same place but different departments. hehe :)

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  • If he's interested, he'll talk to you. You could try to message him and see how he replies though. I just hope for you he's not the kind to play hard to get #cringe

    • hmm ok then.. I'll try that. But he has been on facebook and he did like some of my post on FB. hard to get? like playing with my feelings?

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