I GOT THIS TEXT FROM AN EX. What do you think of this message?

Hi. Brief background, after 1.5 years, we broke up June 1 after he ignored me for a few days after an argument. I blocked him. We haven't talked since. He sent a message telling me to unblock him few days after then a happy bday message on my work phone a month ago. I didn't respond. He was increasingly manipulative in the relationship. I'd broken up with him back in September for a few reasons and he begged his way back a month later, pleading and promising. He actually was worse the second go around. Anyway he sent me this few days ago. Just want your impressions, especially guys. Manipulative? Ulterior motives? Possibly genuine? Thanks.

MG, I'm SORRY for hurting you. I'm SORRY for taking advantage of how much you loved me. I'm SORRY for letting you fall in love and not doing my part to make you happy. I'm SORRY for being so selfish. I'm SORRY for not saying I'm SORRY. You were right and I know it's too late but I just wanted to say I'm sorry for I cannot bear the thought of maybe not ever getting a chance to say so. I don't expect you to forgive me or talk to me ever again but just know that I am SORRY. I know that i was wrong and you deserve so much more. Soooo much better. I'M SORRY

Any guys opinions or other ones appreciated please


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  • hey, i know you were asking for guys opinions but i have to message, you have been through a difficult experience and found the strength to end it, then you gave even more and gave him a second chance, it didn't work out for your happiness. do not let this man back into your life, im still dealing with similar after nine months he still keeps pestering me, going from nice to the most vile messages. how easy is it to write the message you sent? piss easy honey, you gave him your energy and commitment and he trashed it, you were bold enough to move on, do not go backward, even if he means what he sais in that text, he couldnt walk the walk when you gave him another chance with you. advice states with hold contact at any cost, keep moving forward remembering what you have achieved by detaching yourself from a negative situation and i salute you in your efforts, its far from easy and i will admit at times when I've been lonely and sexually frustrated his messages have created an iota of intrigue but i have stayed strong, like you should, i think anyway for what its worth... xxxxx

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    • @lazermazer Do you have a guys take on it?

    • one thing i even came to conclusion today was this, his viewpoint of our relationship was completely different than mine, therefore, explaining his outrageous opinions, like you, i never put him down, despite his actions, i tried to boost him and gave positive emotional support. put up with his abusive behaviour, kept quiet, attended his needs, you get the point, all the while i was unhappy and it didn't make any difference if i tried to express this point of view, so when i ended it he is still in a state of shock after nine months and beating me up because his view point of the whole relationship is completely different to my experience, i would guess you could relate to that?

  • he finally realized what he did to you

  • o - o)~ Hey you're awesome just want you to know that.

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