Cheating? Long distance?

so I basically lived my whole life single, having fun and doing whatever I want, but a few years ago I met a girl I actually started dating for a while because she was nice and innocent and I had to work for it. After a while I really stared to like her and I got scarred and broke up with her and went back to my old ways. But at this point it really didn't feel the same, so I ended up getting back together with her. After a year and a half I had to move across the country but she couldn't come because she needed to finish college there on her scholarship so she could go for free. We've now been in a long distance relationship for 2 years now, and we only see each other once every few months or so. I occasionally have meaningless sex with girls that know and are looking for the same thing. The thing is people that meet my girlfriend end up loving her just because she a great person and then look down on me. I tell myself she's doing the same thing but I really don't think she is because she's that type of girl, and raised very religious. What I'm really asking is it wrong to do? Like I love my girlfriend more than anything but I just like to have sex. There's no meaning behind it just to have fun, basically like getting a massage or such. There still a few semester before she moves here and obviously when she's here I will have no need to anymore and will stop. I personally feel like there no harm here and even if I knew she was doing it as well I would be mad just because I am confident in our relationship, and think that she won't find someone she likes better than me. This is the end of my drunk rant/ question feel free to put in your input.


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  • Duh, u are cheating-any sexual relation u have with someone besides your girlfriend is considered cheating unless she is ok with u fucking other women then u are cheating. I say stop... Keep it in your pants and masturbate. U can get through this without cheating. just touch yourself to her nudes-if she sends u some and that is it.

  • It is completely wrong. How would you feel if she was fucking other guys while you've been away? You wouldn't like it would you. You don't love your girlfriend. You don't risk hurting the one you love. You need to tell her what you've done, that is the least you can do after disrespecting her so much. You're a piece of shit. So empty inside that you try fill a void with sex. It's desperate and it's unattractive. You need to tell her

    • Inpersonalybwould be mad like I said in the post I'm confident that even if she was hooking up with other guys she would still rather be with me. She has her needs its human nature. You have strangers give you massages because it feels good why not have meanness sex with friends because it feels good as well. I feel like sex is portrayed as some crazy thing when it's really just a act off nature. It's not like I'm going to the bar bringing home random girls.

    • You didn't ask to have an open relationship. The whole point of a relationship is that the person because your partner that only you have sexual relations with. Why would you ask for peoples opinions if your just gonna disagree anyway. Sex is intimate, it's sharing a part of you that nobody else can see. Sex releases hormones that can make you attracted to that person. Sex isn't just a fucking hobby. Good luck with your aids and one day when your girlfriend finds out I hope she leaves your sorry ass

    • *the person is

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