Is it possible to get back together after break up Pt 2?

So... the last question I asked about if it's possible to get back together after break-up. And despite the original hesitations since both of us are good friends to begin with we hung out and talked. She actually apologized to me first. So I followed suit and went on to ask her if she wants to give it a second shot. She asked me for some time to think about it...

Tl;dr: I got a chance to hang out with my ex and she said she would "consider" getting back together. What are my chances guys?


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  • It is possible. But is it worth it?

    • Aside from what we disputed upon we really enjoy each other's company but I'm just more worried about the possibility. Is it realistic?

    • yes, it is

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  • Yeah its possible, but by the sound of that. It sounds minimal

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