Girls, can I get your opinions on this? I have flirted with a friend for a month but All I have gotten is her telling me I'm a good friend?

Recently I have started liking my female friend of a year so I have started flirting with her and touching her more and being more of a gentleman. While I have been doing that I have been working getting up ! y courage to ask her out. But while I have been doing that I forgot to tell her that I like her more as a friend. It seems she has only noticed that I have been complimenting her recently. even afterour friend suggested to her that I was flirting she did not seem to get the hint. Trying to build her self image up. So recently I told her she was really pretty and she smiled and texted me that I'm such a good friend!. Any suggestions on what I should do next. I'd like to tell her that I like her more than a friend and hand her a rose after kissing the back of her hand. However when in most of my other questions about leaving the friend zone the guys say that I need to feel her up and that words are pointless. While I do agree that touching her more is nessasary I don't think that I should be as forward with my touching advances as they say. Women that do you suggest I do to get out of the friend zone and what do you think I should do now with her having said that I'm a good friend for complimenting her?


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  • Honestly, I take this two ways:
    1. She's calling you a good friend when you compliment her because she thinks that you don't like her. No one likes to be rejected and in a sense, this is her way of protecting herself from being hurt (if she does like you). However, if you touch her and compliment her, I don't think this is the reason.
    2. She's friend zoning you. She may realize that you are flirty and this is her way of hinting that she's not interested.

    Regardless, don't overthink and jump to conclusions.

    My advice is to not to be forward with your touching advances like your friends have told you. This could end up badly and end your friendship or make things awkward. In your position, I would probably invite her to hang out more often and then talk to her about things. If she says okay to hanging out, don't automatically assume she likes you. I have said yes to guys only to be nice. Probably inviting her to be your date at a party would be a good option to see if she says "I'll go with you as a friend date." or if she smiles and says yes, she might like you. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

    • Well I actually only appropriately touch her. I rarely push my luck with her. I have not been touching her when I compliment her. Well with either way I want to let her know that I like her. So what do you think about this line?
      Well _____ I have actually been recently trying to be more than just your good friend. I guess that I'll have to be less subtle next time. I might even try and end the night with more than just a quick goodnight hug. - I'll give her a kiss on the hand.

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    • There's not much that isn't going to make you not nervous when you finally say it because you simply will be nervous, but I would do it the minute you think about the time to do it. If you don't do it, you'll regret it and if you force yourself to do it, things will hopefully be more comfortable the next time around.

    • ok thanks for the advice.

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  • She's giving you a hint: she thinks of you as a friend. It's possible she feels uncomfortable with the flirting, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings by saying it outright.