She said she doesn't feel anything for me?

I have been dating her for fourth time this two months. She showed affection in first dates. The last one felt like there is something wrong. What could it possibly be?

Didn't really expect it that she would said that to me straightly.

I know what I should I do now. But why did it came to this?

This girl means a lot to me and I feel something deep to her. But why did came to this?


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  • I had that experience. we were both teachers. so there were somethings in common. and i gave it a 4th date most i went out with before l call it quits.
    as i got to know him, there were things that we were not compatible with so i had to tell him no.
    last guy i went out 3rd time. still no chemistry so i ended.

    its okay, you date and you find out. don't take it personally.

    • Hi. Yeah, I should just respect her decision.

      I thought everything was fine and that she feels something for me. Well, I guess I am wrong. I am not the kind of person she wants to be with.

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  • It sounds like you don't have anything concrete to believe something is wrong. While your feelings may be right, there is no point in asking us questions with so little information. See if she's interested in going on another date and if she says no then we can revisit the topic.

    It's totally possible she was just tired, having a bad day etc. don't let your mind ruin a good thing :)


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  • You saw each other 4 times... You need to chill out dude.

    She probably just realize that she didn't feel the connection that she should feel if she was gonna date someone.

    • Hey there. Dude, are you saying that I can keep talking with her and her feelings might change?

  • its not your fault. Sometimes people just lose the flame. gotta move on