Can you be a friend of someone you had other type of feelings?

I made the mistake of expressing my feelings to a coworker (a girl) turns out the girl has a boyfriend and after that she was kinda of a bitch to me. Fast forward 3 weeks or so, she asked me if we could talk, so we talked and she apologized to me and explained she was having a difficult time and that's why she acted like that. So I accepted the apologies, but I don't know, I just don't want to be just a friend or near her, I guess I still feel angry and jaded, and even though she said she likes me a lot (as a friend) I just don't see that happening, it feels weird and awkward. I still have feelings for her. So... Am I acting like an asshole? What should I do?


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  • nope, I cannot

    • I feel the same. The girl seems she wants to keep this "relationship" going. (As friends). Or like she said buddies. But I just don't see it. The fact she doesn't feel the same way I do, and also that right after I told her what my feelings are, she acted super mean, makes me just want to put a wall between she and myself. She was struggling with other stuff according to her apology and that's why coincidentally she acted like that right around that time, but I don't know...

    • Don't bother building a friendship with her.
      Her reason wasn't that valid anyway. Everyone goes through some sort of struggle. That doesn't give anyone the right to treat others bad.

      Accept her apology but that's it.
      Just be another co worker, not friend :)

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  • No one lives for lenate but lenate. You feel no attraction, no emotion, no happiness from her. It's your right to keep away from her. You live for joy, happiness and peace. Anyone who disrupts any of it ( assuming they started first) then I'd stay away from them until the problem is corrected. If can't be corrected then they are gone for good.

  • Your not wrong bro i wouldn't be friends or anything with her tho just my thoughts becouse there really is no exuse for her to be acting like that, thats alittle childish on her part! Just be you, when she talks be respectful but thats it and then get out of there

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