Is this guy falling for me?

So I started seeing this guy almost 3 months ago and everything has been going well. We're not officially bf/gf yet though.

We were just with each other 3 days ago and he sent me a text saying, "I miss you. I'm not sure why but I just do". It was my birthday last week and he surprised me a with a 'Frozen' cake, plates, and candles (he knows that's my favorite animated movie). For my birthday he told me happy birthday at least a dozen times and kissed me on forehead and said happy birthday once more. When I went home the next day he sent me a text saying he was glad that we got a chance to spend a part of my birthday together. He is *always* staring at me, so much so that I jokingly tell him to stop.

These are just a few examples from the past week lol. My friends said it sounds like he's falling for me but I'm not quite sure.



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  • I can relate to this guy feelings for you. A guy who does everything for you for (e. g spending time & money) on the things you loved actually tell you how much effort he has put in to make you happy. The reason why he stared at you is because he just want to cherish the moment he spend with you and thinking how glad that he get to know/met you. I'm sure he really really likes you a-lot and want to be with you every moment. Cherish it! Goodluck


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  • Let me start off with saying that I am indeed a skeptic with love in 1-6 month relationships and I have never experienced love. Despite this, here are some questions to ask yourself before you believe he is falling for you. If your answers are mostly yes, he may be falling for you.

    1. Would he willingly sacrifice something for you?
    2. Does he work at settling differences?
    3. Is he faithful and loyal?
    4. Is he confident about you?
    5. Does he think about your feelings before acting?
    6. Is he stable and not bouncing around with feelings?
    7. Does his feelings seem to deepen over time?
    8. Is he patient in the relationship?

    Someone who is infatuated with you would not be patient and want things now, can end the day feeling empty and not having enough, does not make evaluations of what is true, has temporary lust, anxious, makes risky choices, and has a sense of urgency.

  • I wouldn't necessarily say he was falling for you because you both aren't even dating BUT he definitely shows signs that he likes you :)

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