Am I over-emotional & over-reacting with this dude? Should I not take messages that seriously or what?

I am a loner and introvert, so when I meet someone, even if it's online (like this guy) I get super hyped up. It rarely ever happens because I'm super picky too. This guy is an introvert like me too... He works 2 jobs currently. He isn't a ladies man or a player. I know our mutual friends; he's a cool dude.. but I get jealous or upset when he doesn't respond to some of my messages. We talk maybe 2/3 times a week. Sometimes we talk for hours, and then other times maybe only an hour, but then I sometimes will send a random message and he won't respond for a couple or few days.. Or if I hint that I want to meet up, he sometimes won't respond and then tell me he worked the whole weekend. I believe him that he's working... But why can't he message me that before the day comes and passes? My friends tell me he's nervous since I'm out of his league and younger than he is, but I mean... That is getting old. When he doesn't respond to some of my efforts or random what's up, I get really upset but I never let on to him about that. I second guess everything, it makes me so much crazier for him, I get super sad and feel neglected... I realize we haven't met in person but it's just the not responding that gets me down. Should I not be so upset by him randomly not responding or is it a valid reason to be upset?

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  • So here's the thing... if you're still at the "just talking" phase... then let it happen. It's not a big deal. You're not a priority in his life yet. He probably has... WoW raids or something to do. If you become more serious, then yes he should respond faster and prioritize you higher up.

    • Well how do we become more serious?

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    • No car? As an adult? Does he live in New York City where he doesn't need one? And if you've never met in person and he's doing this... it just sounds like he might not be all that interested in moving the relationship forward. If he's far enough away that you'd have to really "travel" to meet... and he's not taking the time to talk to you... then the outlook is grim.

    • No we live a half hour apart, and he lives in the city. I don't understand him at all... He asks if I'd like to sometime meet up and then when push comes to shove it never happens

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  • Some people are busy with work in real life (especially if they're working two jobs). I mean, I'm horrible at texting or messaging people back and I don't even have that much on my schedule, I get distracted by other things and sometimes I just don't know how to respond.

    I wouldn't take it personally if it takes awhile for him to respond. He sounds like he's just busy with work. Give it time.


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  • What ProbablyTooMature said! Bingo.

  • If you've never met, neither of you owe anything to the other. It would be crazy for me to get mad if you don't reply to my post here. Not all that much different from your situation.

  • Yeah you're being too emotional.. Chill


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