I am lovestruck about one of my patient's. Is this innapropriate?

I had an 18 year old girl approach me out in about while I was on duty. She had a medical issue she needed addressed.

She was beautful. Insanely attractive. Her boyfriend was there, but when she got in our ambulance, it was just me, her, and my coworker. Her anxiety was up and she was hyperventilating and crying. I held her hand, rubbed her arm, and comforted her. I got so turned on.

She was dainty, petite, and looked almost like a 14 year old. But she was 18. And she got me lovestruck.

Do you think this is innapropriate me being a public safety/healthcare professional? Do you think she was too young for me when I am 21? She seemed a little immature but she was cute beyond words.

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  • She looked like a 14 year old. Can we get this guy registered as a sex offender before he actually goes out and kidnaps a 14 year old child?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I work in the healthcare field, and you're disgusting.

    • I maintained my professionalism and didn't make it obvious.

      It is not like I asked her out or anything.

      I was just being comforting

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    • You're NOT a paramedic Hayden, you're an EMT. All firefighters are also required to be EMT's. Big fucking deal. A nursing degree is much harder to get than an EMT cert. And you can't pass the entry requirements to UTK.

      And Anon here is right. You're disgusting to even allow yourself to have those feelings at all. You need help. You're sick and perverted.

    • @CheerGirl38139

      I am an Advanced EMT (AEMT) about to start paramedic school on the 15th.

      Right now, I can establish intraosseous (IO) access and intravenous (IV) access per state scope of practice. I can intubate using supraglottic airways (king tubes, combitubes, etc.). I can administer a variety of medications IM, IV, SubQ, Oral, and Sublingual: epinephrine 1:1000, D50, Nitroglycerin, Narcan, Albuterol, and among some others. I can interpret 12 lead ECG's in Colorado.

      In medic school, I can intubate using ET tubes and laryngoscopes. I can administer a wide array of medications. I can do pacing and cardioversion. I can do needle chest decompression. And among other advanced ALS skills.

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What Girls Said 5

  • Jesus you need help.

    • I was maintaining professionalism and just being comforting. Calm down. Damn.

      It just made me feel good as a guy and got my dopamine going when I was able to comfort a crying girl. It makes me feel good to be a white knight, you know?

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    • @TheLonelyEMT If you were a normal person, then "She pretty much looked 14" would preclude ANY possibility of being "lovestruck" or "turned on".

    • @redeyemindtricks I didn't freeze this account but I guess he deleted it anyway.

      And Hayden, when you come back... you're a known spammer that's had hundreds of accounts and harassed dozens of girls here.

      Feel free to contact the admins and tell them how you're a good boy now. 👌

  • Inappropriate dude

  • Seriously, as a healthcare 'professional' you should already know the answer to this.

  • I don't think it's inappropriate to be attracted to her (your human and you only have a 3 year age difference), but it would be inappropriate to act on your feelings.

  • She has a boyfriend already, so you shouldn't be doing that to her. And yes it isn't quite professional.

    • I didn't hold her hand any different than I would any distressed patient that needed comfort. Except I got turned on when I was able to comfort her.

      I think it is a guy's instinct to protect and comfort women

What Guys Said 2

  • I worked in healthcare for 2 weeks and even I know it's innapropriate.

    • Us medical professionals are sexual creatures too

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    • I provide quality care to my patients. I am not upfront hitting on them or anything.

      Yes, I get boners from time to time but I dont announce it or get perverted with them.

      I am assuming you are a CNA or ED tech?

    • Worked as a CNA and treating post-op patients. Also roamed around the hospital. And I had a few lucky moments where I was allowed to go into the operating room and observe. I suppose I was like a med student there.

  • Yeahhh you sound alarmingly creepy. No offense