Meeting someone in person for the first time?

Okay, so I've been talking to this guy for like a month, and we met on this stupid app. whatever. Anyway, he wants to meet for lunch on Tuesday, and I agreed to it. I'm not nervous and I don't feel unsafe, but I am curious if anyone else has met someone in person that they met online for the first time and what it's like. I feel like it's going to be SO awkward. And I don't even know what to talk about on a date, but I guess that's another issue. If anyone has any advice or tips, I would appreciate it so much. I'm awkward with guys in general, but I am expecting nothing but the worst for meeting someone in person the first time. ugh. OK thank you in advance, you all rock


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  • I know some people like to have a phone conversation before meeting someone in person because that gives you an idea of whether conversation is going to be really awkward or if the person sounds really odd.

    I think the best advice on what to talk about is actually ask about things you are curious to know and things you care about. A first date is a chance to get to know someone and for them to get to know you to see if you both are compatible.

    One of the easiest tips about conversation is to not ask too many questions in an interview like format. You want to have some dialogue between questions so it is not like an interrogation and they get to learn more about you.

    Even if someone doesn't reply in kind by asking you the same question (for example "what do you do for work" and they simply answer and not ask what you do), simply comment about their answer any thoughts you have which may lead off to another conversation topic or you can talk about what you do for work as if they had asked you.

    Remember it takes 2 people to have a good conversation. If either person fails to engage in the conversation well, the conversation is not going to flow naturally.


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  • i met my boyfriend online 2 years ago and, on the day of our date, those exact same thoughts went through my head.

    -what if our witty online banter doesn't translate into real time?
    -what if i'm not skinny/pretty/insert adjective here enough?
    -what's my escape plan, if things don't go well?

    but all of that went out the window as soon as he walked through the door of the coffee shop we'd agreed to meet at, a month after we'd first started chatting online. we spent 12 hours just roaming the city together~ lunch, the bookstore, kissing in the park... it was magical, and we've been inseparable ever since. :)

    the best advice i can give you is to just be yourself. and, if he can't appreciate what you have to offer, then it says a lot more about him that it does about you.

    • That's such an awesome story!! thank you for sharing! This makes me feel a little better anyway. thank you so much

    • you are most welcome~ be safe and have fun! :)

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  • Well meet up in a safe public place. Talk about things you would talk to any other person about. See what he likes to talk about and try to go with that. Just remember it is all in good fun and you are meeting someone new. Don't go anywhere with him that is not a public place. Meeting up is about making friends and getting to know someone. Have fun and enjoy it.

  • Well, I have never met anyone from online but if you want to meet you can meet at any public place.


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  • Hun most my relationships start from there as I haven't got the time or confidence to meet guys out and about.
    But the only advice I can give you is make sure you know it's what you want to do. Make sure someone knows what your doing/where so you don't need that anxiety. Arrange to do something you'll both enjoy so you don't have to be sat in silence like a museum or shopping or a gig. And try talk about things you talked abut before meeting as it breaks the ice.

    • I've just never met someone in person that I met online first before so it's weird for me. But thank you very much! !

    • :) I'm sure it will be. Good luck

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