Girls, Why do girls find Dark-skinned Indian guys "Ugly" , whereas Dark-skinned Black guys "handsome" ?

People, especially girls say that if you are a dark-skinned Indian guy you are "ugly", but if the guy is Black, they would see he is "handsome" ?

Why do girls love to put down Dark Indian dudes for no reason? Is it hate for no reason?

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  • Because dark skinned Indians are usually creepy. Light skinned Indians are usually really nice.

    • Thanks. How are dark skinned Indians creepy?

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    • wow, that's mad (in a good way ) !! In my opinion if I was ever gay, I would straight up say that Michael Jackson was the hottest black guy I have ever seen. I mean the Michael Jackson before his skin colour changed.

    • Also, do you personally think dark skin looks weird/ugly on Indian guys?

  • I don't know what girls you're talking about , but me and most of my girlfriends find dark Indian men very attractive. And for the girls who don't find dark Indian men attractive I guess that's just their preference. As for your question "why do girls love to put down dark Indian dudes" Not all girls are like that but for the girls who do are probably just disappointed with their own physical appearance.

    • Thanks. What is your race, if you don't mind?

    • African American

    • nice :) I hear girls saying all the time that Indian guys look really weird/ugly with black skin.

      So I really believe something is wrong with black skin on an Indian guy's features !!