How to be more approachable/attractive to men?

I'm always told that I could be a model, I have green eyes , dyed black hair , tan skin , 5'6 , weighing 130 pounds half Danish , native , German , and Irish... People say I'm very different looking in a good way... I'm always asked about my ethnicity and given compliments Unfortunately I always have people assume I'm a bitch , or stuck up , even my best friend has told me I have resting bitch face... My dealio is I have been trying really hard to smile more and be more approachable and friendly (like I've been really making an effort to do so) So the other day I go to the bar with my girlfriend who is modestly attractive... We're hanging out at the bar , so I invited a guy I was interested in... He comes to the bar and immediately he was very focused on talking to her and giving all of his attention to her... I mean ouch blow to my ego ( but I played it cool and pretended to not even notice or care) she even announced that she had a boyfriend and he was still all eyes to her , I will say my friend is very charming and social and you do feel at ease around her , which I know I'm known to be a bit awkward and shy (which people perceive as bitchy sometimes) she had blonde shoulder length hair... And I started to think to myself is it because blonde just immediately attracts men? The guy invited did mention several times that his preference was darker girls (which I am darker then her, but still white-ish) ... When she left he averted all of his attention back to me , which as adding more insult to injury... Well at this point I said something to him about it, and he tried to excuse himself. He said she had a charming personality at which point he told me I was way more beautiful then her , which a bunch of guys verified lol... My point being is how the hell can I be more approachable? What's a girl got to have blonde hair or what? Was he trying to make me jealous by flirting with her?


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  • Well it is a strategy to not go after the girl you want right away at a bar or party and to chat up her friends first, the guy would have eventually wanted to talk with you and flirt with you. Doesn't sound like that was the situation in what you described.

    Hair colour doesn't make someone more approachable lol. I would recommend doing group activities where it is easier to meet people or joining clubs if you're still in school. Heck, with online dating now it's easier than ever to meet people. Have you tried Tinder or PlentyOfFish? I'm sure you'd get tons of guys willing to take you out and then its just a matter of finding the right one for you


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  • Maybe you should smile more when you're around people. Maybe your friend is more social and outgoing so her body language appears more open and you on the other hand appear more closed off.


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