Should I stop talking to him or not?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for three months. We will call him Carter. Since December of last year, I have been talking to his best friend but it isn't that type of talking. Just really close friends. We will call him Josh. The no filter kinda thing cuz we were both single so it didn't matter. I knew both him and Carter from a program but I didn't start talking to Carter until me and him were put in a GC with a bunch of other people in like march. So anyways. While I was on ft with Josh one night, a girl from the program (we will call her Ruby) who was my friend told him she liked him and he asked did I like him and I said no but i lied. I didn't really like him. Just thought he was cool. He said he was low key catching feelings and I kind of agreed. He was just a cool person. But anyways so he dated her and ended up dating Carter so we were kinda of like a squad in the program. During this whole time, carter and Ruby have been thinking that josh likes me and we both don't like each other. We r just really good friends. We did play fight which I understand so we stopped. But they didn't want us talking at all. I'm like first of all to carter that's ur best friend and I wouldn't hurt ruby like that. She's a good friend to me too. So now ruby and josh broke up and Carter and ruby think it was because he liked me but he really doesn't. We have stopped talking multiple times and its ridiculou. I see his concern that maybe we will catch feelings again but its ridiculous. I love him so much. He's been there for me through everything and I don't get why he thinks I would hurt him. Like thats ur best friend. He says he doesn't trust him and that he trusts me but I don't think so. I don't want to lose josh as a friend because he's been there for me too and I don't want to lose him as a friend. But carter gets so mad. Like I'm pretty sure he doesn't trust me. I would never cheat on him. We have worked so hard to keep this relationship going. He is my first boyfriend.

My first kiss. He makes me so happy and we have worked so hard to keep this relationship going and the only thing standing between us being happy again is this and its honestly stupid. So should I just not talk to josh or tell Carter that I am still gonna talk to him? Well not like tell him strsight up but take a stand for myslef kind of. Because I really do love him. I trust him a lot but i feel he can't trust me


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  • tough situation but i think it's rather unfair to have to not be friends with a guy you've been friends with for a while.

    it's also a bad sign and perhaps tehy aren't really that good of friends, if your boyfriend doesn't trust "Josh"

    I think "carter" feels threatened. I think you should find a way to navigate this without losing either. It may mean that you change aspects about your friendship with "josh" (like you did ended the rough housing) so like limiting how much you talk to each other.

    I think you need to find a way to show "carter" that "josh" is not a threat

    • Thanks. But yeah. They have been friends since 6th grade and I don't get how he doesn't trust him. And josh felt some type of way about that but thx😊

    • mybe you could find a way to sit down with both of them. maybe go to lunch or something and talk about it...

    • Ok I will try that. Thank you so much

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  • Say goodbye to carter and hello to Josh

  • If you want to