Hand holding while arguing?

My boyfriend and I are always holding hands as it is. Occasionally when we're talking, the convo turns into a little argument, like the average couple. But even though we're having a disagreement, heated or not, we still continue to hold hands throughout this if we were already doing so beforehand. I'm curious, does anyone else do this?

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  • I used to and that's better than breaking the hand lock and then not speaking to each other. Now I generally don't get into arguments so much, and they generally won't last longer than a few minutes max in the rare cases that they do.

    They never get heated, and one of the tricks to this I found is actually hug the girl when I'm annoyed at her. It defies all my instincts when she seems to be turning hostile, but usually that hostility quickly melts away as I hug and gently talk and we arrive at a point of higher mutual understanding.

    You might try to force yourself to do that some times, especially since you're still holding hands, if things started to get heated. Breathe for a second, relax, and turn very gentle and maybe even hug.

  • no not me


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