He swears he likes me but?

I met a guy about 2 months ago and we've been talking since then.

He is really awkward and shy and sometimes I'm not sure if he likes me. I mean there are times when I have to do all the talking! But he says things like, "If I didn't like you.. would I be here right now?" I know he means well, but I guess what I'm asking is how do you know if an awkward guy likes you?


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  • If he's that nervous around you, try to say things more of his interest. He might loosen up some and start talking more. Sometimes it is just about comfort.

    • We have similar interests in shows so that helps, but sometimes seems like he is too busy or doesn't care.

    • That's strange. Make him look at what he's about to lose

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  • Usually they give other signs they like you (looking at you a lot, staring at you, being close to you, wanting you to hangout with them often, etc.)
    Little things like that.

    He probably does like you, it could be as a friend or he might have some feelings developing for you. Keep an eye on how he act around you, what he does when you're with him, eye contact (usually will last longer if they're into you) and don't pry too much. Just let things happen, he'll show signs of affection soon enough if he does fancy you.


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  • No, I think he likes you but is not the kind of person who can talk freely and certainly cannot start conversations on his own.


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