Girls, I failed horribly should I give up?

Ok so summer semester I went into classes not focused on dating and girls but a girl in my computer class approached me twice outside of class to talk and she even bought me Tim Hortons and said she was happy she ran into me. I friend requested her on Facebook long story short I ended up reading to much cause she was never interested. Now autumn semester will be here in two weeks and I'm at a cross roads in my dating life I'm turning 25 part of me wants to give up on it cause this lady rejection stung so bad and part of me wants to still keep trying even though it seems hopeless

Thanks for opinions


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  • Give up
    I don't think she is interested

    • So just completely stop trying to date

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    • It's your choice tbh
      I wouldn't be able to answer that

    • I mean all these rejections are really starting to turn me into a bitter person and my self esteem is no. Existant at this point

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