Should you make a man chase you a little? Advice about a guy? Go for it or move on?

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago when I was out. We hit it off. He wasn't too flirty, and kind of made me wanting more. He would randomly look at me and stop talking and kind of giggle and smile so much and look on the ground. Then look at me again and say something else. We were takin about a male bartender because he was douchy and I was looking at the guy. He got a tiny bit jealous and said to stop looking at him. I He's not much of a texter, so I don't bother him. i understand because I suck at texting. Sometimes he'll take hours or days to reply or always randomly text me saying something totally random. I get busy too, so sometimes I can't reply right away. I also will admit, I play with his game and sometimes ignore him. He texted me earlier this morning and I ignored it because I was busy at work. Then he texted me like a couple of hours ago and I ignored it, and 20 mins later he called me. I ignored that, and he called again right after. I picked up and we talked for like 5 mins and he was being extremely talkative. I was tired so I was quiet. He was talking and I then I told him I was tired and was going to sleep. So then he changed his tone a voice and seemed upset, but just said okay. I kind of want him to chase me a LITTLE, so I can make him know I'm worth it. He lives 40 mins away and he wants to chill with me this Friday. I told him maybe. He reminds me of my ex. My ex use to do the same things he would do in the beginning. But then my ex started being more "emotional attached" and wanted more contact.

I do like him but I want him to know I'm not easy and he needs to work for me


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  • Don't ever play games with him... It seems that ignoring him like text or calls could make him think that you're not interested in him and that will make him back off. Even though you want him to work hard for you, this is not the way. Try something else. He might like/love you a-lot than anybody else but just because he thinks that you're not interested this will make him feel guilty if he continue's pursuing and that's where he will leave forever because he wants you to be happy.

    • Why would he love me? I only met him once

    • It doesn't take a minute or an hour to fall in love. Guys can fall in love at first sight even without knowing you because they think that you're the most beautiful person to them and they are willing to do anything to get to know you even better. If he wasn't kind of flirty or anything, i would recommend you not to give him up just yet. Go on another date and see how it goes. See if he treats you well and being a gentlemen. If a guy is willing to open the door for you, pay for meals, plan for dates, text you everyday no matter how busy he is, he is definitely worth it. Even though you guys just met only once, who knows he might be the person who will really love you and take good care of you that no one can. Just give him a chance to prove his love for you! Goodluck :)

  • You don't sound "hard", you sound ridiculous.

    He "reminds you of your ex."

    Way to bring the baggage of a past failure and dump on top of his head. He deserves it, he reminds you of your ex and doesn't kneel at your feet every day.

    Fix yourself.


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  • He will probably assume that you're not interested if you keep doing that.