Best Flirting Tips?


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  • if you want to flirt.
    1 be interested- show you are responding to what he is saying.
    2 smile at him- if you like him show him you like him.
    3 laughing at what he says- shows your sense of humor.
    4 touching- make small contact if possible, being close is your friend while flirting.
    5 Compliments- say something you like about him, it builds his ego and interest because he feels good around you.
    6 Try a stupid pick up line- they are corny and it works on us guys
    7 lip biting- while he talks to you bite your bottom lip it's attractive trust him but don't break eye contact.
    8 eye contact- look him in the eyes. It shows he has your attention
    9 Be seen- Proximity is key. the more you are around him the more he can be into you.
    10 don't wait- don't wait for him to make a move. if you like him you do it. Girls who take the lead are sexy af.


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  • I'm guessing you're asking for a guy you are not dating but just interested in:
    Eye contact, smile and laugh, gentle touch on arms or leg in a casual way.
    give complements and stay engaged in the conversation.


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  • Honestly there should be no need to flirt. However if you want to flirt then there are lot of tips:

    Hope this helps

  • Eye-contact, open body-language, smiling.

    Other than that be playful about the conversation. Little teases, jokes, light physical touches.

  • Just let him know you are interested in him. If he likes you, he will make his move. Girls have such an easy time while boys have to flirt :(


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