How to support my boyfriend after what he told me... now he thinks he's weak for telling me?

Basically, my guy has had it pretty rough when it's came to women. He's 26 and he has spent 25 years of his life single. His longest relationship being 6 months.

Anyway, the other night we were lying in his bed and we were getting kinda touchy feely. He then turned to me and said 'I haven't been touched by a girl in... a long time' I asked how long and then he replied 'a year'.

Instantly, I got a bit annoyed because the last girl he'd been with was like 2 years ago. He then fell silent and wouldn't answer my questions. Until...

He told me that this girl, was actually a 40 year old woman. It turned out 2 years ago he had been at a house party with his friends and this woman was there.

Early in the morning, he left the house to head out through the woods to go to the shop. He was followed by this woman, who asked to accompany him. He agreed as he was happy for the company.

However he was very drunk. The woman started trying to kiss him and was trying to force down his jeans while he said no. He lost his balance and fell off of a banking, and dropped into a river where he was left concussed.

A dog walker found him in the morning and helped him out from the river.

He got a little teary while telling me this, and I did too. I wasn't too sure what to say? But I felt awful this happened to my guy.

  • Let him know you love him
  • Let him know how much you care
  • Give him space
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  • so someone tried to kiss him and he slipped and fell bc he was drunk?

    was he upset bc of the fall or bc she was trying to force his pants down?

    • Yeah, I was also confused, from where the drama came from :o?

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    • about crying about it 2 years later, those things only happen when we get completely vulnerable around someone. It's a good thing in my opinion

    • @mikemx55 thanks! I completely agree with you. And the fact that guys are expected to be 'macho' and 'manly' all the time, I think it's rather nice that he let his guard down and felt comfortable enough to tell me about it.

      Also, maybe some people should experience what it's like to be potentially raped first before they even spout an opinion... 😒

  • Show him some love and comfort

  • I know this may sound harsh, but I burst out laughing lol. He sounds so sensitive. Relationships aren't everything and they most likely don't pay his phone bill.

    Just comfort him the best way you can

    • Well, clearly you're immature. If you were intoxicated and a guy double your age forced himself onto you, in the middle of bloody nowhere, I think it would be a different story then. Oh, and let's just remember while backing away from this guy, you drop down a 20 feet banking into a river. Hilarious, isn't it? Who knows, if you fall face first, you might even die.

    • @Asker LOL ok girl it's not that serious. I was just imagining the face he'd make that's what's funny you stupid piece of shit. Drink some bleach for a change. Dumb fuck.