Boys like my friend more than me, why?

Let's call my friend Jane
so jane is my best friend and she is always getting told so-and-so likes you. I am never getting told anything like this. It's not a matter of looks, i am not rude or mean to them, I'm just a little confused about why, and even worse, my crush likes Jane! I'm not jealous I'm just curious to know why. Please don't leave any rude comments, only ones that will help me. Thankyou!!!

Thanks to everyone that replied!


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  • If you know it's not a matter of looks than you know why


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  • They are simply more attracted to her. It's not that you're ugly or anything (I mean, of course you are not), but if they had to choose between your friend or you, they'd choose her. It's very sad. Maybe you could hang out sometimes without her to see what happens?


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  • LOL that's a funny read cuz my name is Jane. But I wouldn't really worry about it. They just think she's cute

  • Happened to me too when I was ur age but I was the quiet one and my friend talkative

    • That's weird, my friend is quiet and I'm talkative

    • That is weird, because with all my friends I've always been the quiet one and they more talkative and more guys try to talk to them.

      Are they guys that talk to her more shy themselves?