Whats wrong with me?

Every girl that i've liked i 've never been able to make my girlfriend. People tell me i'm a nice, cool guy and yet no girls want to date me. I wonder if its my personality or my looks that is keeping me from getting a girl.


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  • When we have crushes, it's very rare that the crush of ours actually feels the same way about us back. In all fairness, that could simply be the reason as to why you've not gotten a girlfriend. I doubt it is you, or your appearance that has anything to do with why the girl won't stick around.

    There's many reasons people date, and compatibility is one of them. We choose those we find interesting, we seek things in common, and try to find someone who connects with us.
    I think you just haven't found the right girl. Maybe you are looking at the wrong type of girl to date? Or maybe you're not sharing enough in common with the girls who interest you?
    You will find someone one day. Try making friends with a girl first, or really getting to know her before asking her out. This way it could help make it easier and her knowing more about you, what you're like, how you're fun to be around, etc. Will give her many reasons to stay.

    Don't give up!


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  • You have get on there deep connection and funny band wagon. Your best bet is being ghetto but in a funny way. It works and hate the shit out of it. have a I don't care attitude while caring about her every once in a while, talk shit to let her fantasy go wild but don't stop, be funny but do t over do it, be nice but not a door matt and more.