What to do when a close friend keeps asking you out but you don't see them that way?

I have a close guy friend which I used to like 3 years ago and he didn't like me then so I just realised it on my own and became just friends with him. Now days he keeps messaging me telling me to be with him, that he really likes me and all but I'm just not interested. I even told him that I'm in a casual relationship with someone and I tend to stay faithful... But he goes break it with him and be in a serious relationship with me. I don't know what to do? He's a good friend and I've told him as much as I can without hurting him but he just won't get it. Could someone please give me suggestions?


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  • I'd say "same answer as last time"
    Cause you already told him SEVERAL times that you aren't interested in him that way other than a friend, at this point he'll see that I'm getting annoyed by this


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  • He's a good friend? No he's not. A good friend would never encourage you to break off something you're trying to continue with someone else. A good friend would never make you repeat yourself. A good friend would certainly CARE about how you feel, your comfort zone, and your decisions. This is a typical boy that doesn't understand what "No" means. I'ts just all about what he wants, and that lets you know he'd be a terrible boyfriend.

    You're going to have to get a little tough, because you've already explained to yourself to him, and he's not getting it. I know you don't want to hurt his feelings, but he's the one pushing it when this could have been so simple. Either don't respond to messages dealing with this topic, or be upfront and tell him you don't think it's cool at all for him to repeatedly pressure you to date him. It's a turn off.

    If things get awkward afterward or he becomes silent, or starts fussing, oh well. This was his fault, whereas you were simply sticking up for yourself.


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  • Say it clearly that he isn't your type

    • I have plenty of times. 😒

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    • 🤔 looks like that's my only option now

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  • When he asks, start the conversation like this. Look I just want us to be friends like we have always been. So, in other words my answer is NO, I don't want to go out with you. I like being friends. Lets just stay that way.
    He should give up, then. 😊