What does he really want?

my boyfriend and I are on a break still. have been for two days. he told me last night that were over but than is like. are we still on a break? I said you just broke up with me but than he's like I was mad and I didn't mean it. he's like a player and is choosing between me and his ex, very complicated! especially someone for my age, and all my friends think I should dump him, I love him soo much I don't want too. its the last thing I want to do. but he's just being so confusing.? what should I do?


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  • ok. I think your friends are right when they say that you should dump him. if he really was into you he wouldn't be having second thoughts about you. he wouldn't be choosing between you and his ex. you would be his number one, his one and only. this guys seems like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. I know you have strong feelings for him but do you really want to be with someone who's going to keep on thinking that he may or may not want to be with you, when you are so positively certain that there's no one else but him? relationships are a 2 way thing. you have to receive the same feelings back, otherwise you're only going to keep on getting played and hurt.

    before you start convincing yourself that you're so invested in him, ask yourself, what kind of guy do you want to be with? when you picture this, try not to put a face to the guy but just think of his characteristics, like do I want a nice guy who'll treat me well or a guy who's a player and is unsure of what he wants but is exciting?

    i don't know if he's your first bf, but if he is, I know it's tough to just let it go. I know it'll seem like the world will come crashing down and nothing that people say or do can make you think otherwise. but you're wrong because even though you're sitting on your bed and burying your tears in your pillow, the world will still keep moving. your ex will still be doing whatever he's doing. so ask yourself, why should you be miserable when he's having such a ball without you? I know it doesn't seem like things will get better but they will. you just have to accept the fact that he's not who seems to be. you deserve much better. just use this as an experience to learn from and use it to reflect on what you want in your future relationships. trust me, this guys isn't the end all be all. just another ugly toad that you have to kiss before you get to Prince Charming.

    so chin up, and just focus on you. if he come crawling back, don't take him back because he'll keep doing the same over and over again. it's a never ending vicious cycle. just be glad to be rid of him. this boy is trouble!

    • Yea.. but now today.. we broke up and he said he's not gonna go out with his other ex.. and he's giving me signs and I notice some that he misses me.. just like at lunch today, he sat on the hill by the guy friends that I hang out with instead of his friends.. and he's been coming around me and stuff..

    • Ok, it's possible that he still has some feelings for you or just misses companionship. BUT don't take him back so quickly let him come to you. what he did was hurtful to you. so he's gonna have to prove that he's worthy of you. if you take him back right now, he'll pull stupid things like this again in the future.

    • Very true.. I'm the type of person that's very gullible and a pushover but if doing that would show him what he did was wrong. its worth a shot.. thanks a lot!! =]

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