Will he chose me?

Hey my lovelies.

Okay so I have known this man a really long time and always liked him.. but he had a girlfriend on and off for a while. Anyway low and behold he came over to visit (he lives abroad) and BINGO.. he's single. We hang out, as a group with friends, end up kissing and hugging and so on.

Anyway he mentions that he's seeing someone at the moment. So I'm like hmmm okay. We hang out some more (I don't imagine it can be that serious with the other girl since they aren't in a relationship. More kissing, lots of romatic holding hands and so on. Anyway, when I pull him up and ask him what the deal is with us (would he like to hang out some more and get to know each other better) etc he replies "my head is abit of a mess right now and I don't know what to do"

My question is this..

1. Do I just totally back off?
2. Am I going to be second best?

I usually would totally leave a situation like this alone - the only thing is he makes me feel like all the broken parts of me are healed (GOD THATS SO CRINGE) So I'm finding it hard to just forget about it.

Any advice would be amazing. Thank you so much!


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  • Never get with a guy that doesn't know what he wants because one thing is certain. He doesn't want you and never will. If he did he'd be with you. It's what a pussy says for "I'm not interested unless it's just to fuck"


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  • This guy sounds like a huge douchbag