How do you tell your parents you're going out with someone without making them freak out?

I'm 20 years old (an adult obviously) but my parents still think of me as a kid. A guy I've been talking to from work said that he wanted to "hang out" with me sometime and I would love to go out with him! The problem is that I barely leave my house on my own unless I'm going to work and my parents are going to get suspicious or worried if I just walk out of my house without telling them where I'm going and with who, especially if it's at night. I have never gone out or done anything with a guy before, so it's really tough to even bring up the subject of dating to them. I wouldn't even know how to tell them without looking away and feeling embarrassed given to how they feel towards me dating. What should I do?


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  • Just introduce him as a friend first so when you guys start hanging out more your parents will already get the hint and know him enough for you to introduce him as a boyfriend


    Make it seem like your going out with a group

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