Why does she care what I think?

My friend has this female friend we aren't as close as they are but whenever we are in a group setting she'll be talking with my friend and then turn her head to me and ask me what i think every single time i was talking to my friend recently and he said that she doesn't think i like her and that she is afraid of bothering me whenever i leave the room for a second she asks where i went then a couple of days ago she texted me saying the me my friend and her should watch a movie at my house and i replied thats fine and she texted him asking if i was mad at her also when the two of us are hanging out alone her whole attitude changes she is very sweet and funny laughs at all my jokes and asks me about my life and she opens up about herself but when we are in a group she kind of ignores me and glances over at me every 10 seconds i dont know what her deal is


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  • She has a crush on you and is shy.


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