Does my ex want me back?

I met this guy when i was in 8th grade and he was a freshman in high school. I fell head over heels for him. He was a football player and he was simply hot. We dated for awhile before i went to high school. When i got to high school we only dated for one month. I was heart broken. My bestfriend at the time told me that he was cheating on me the whole time. But it confused me a bit but ill get to that in a sec.
He always would watch was i was doing after we broke up. The girl he started dAting after, he would take her to my lunch period and sit at the table next to mine ans would just stare at me while she was talking.
When i became a sophmore and he was a junior we had a class next to eachother. Id see him almost every day. One day he brought this girl outside his class and was talking to her and i qas outside my class and when i looked up he was staring right at me while she was talking.
This year im a Junior and he's a senior. I dont see him at all. I saw him during the pep rally and he kept looking at me from across the gym.
So back to the part i was confused about! She said he was cheating on me. But he posted things about me on instagram almost everyday and on my bday he posted a huge paragraph and a pic of us on insta. And his kik picture was me and him. So i dont understand how he couldve talked to girls with them seeing me all over his page. He just treated me different from every pwrson he's dated since. I still like him. I want to know if he likes me too.


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  • He's your EX... past history! Move on. The same issues that caused the breakup will always be there.


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  • Why would you want to go back to a cheater?

    • but me and my other friends dont think he did cheat because the way he treated me was so different from the other girls he cheated on (100%)

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