Girls, Ladies, is it true that you find married men more "approachable"?

I have now had 4 women say (or indicate this to me)... One even said that I was "safe" to sit with in a bar, and "thank god, because she was being practically harassed by the single men that were hitting on her". I was just curious if this was really true... Not because I want to cheat. On the contrary, I kinda like the idea of being a "safe" place for a women to run to, if she needs to.

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  • I think the idea of married men is that they've already settled down. They're mature and not likely to harass or bother a woman.

    There's also this idea that women like a man that another woman likes. I've seen this countless times among teenage best friends. A girl will tell her friend who she likes, and then there's a cat fight becuase that same friend is suddenly approaching the same guy her friend likes.

    Maybe there's something about a married man that a woman is curious about. What is it about that man that made this woman want to marry him? Why was he good enough or just perfect?

    But, I personally, would never ever come between a relationship. Not my place, not my call, and the wife has never done anything wrong to me for her to deserve that.

    • Thanks for your opinion, Mlle. Please see above. I did not mean this question "like that".

    • Ah okay, when in that sense, I would be kind of cautious around married men because I just don't want to give off the idea that I'm trying to get too close, even if he didn't feel or suspected such a thing from me. To me, there's just a sense of appropriate space I'd keep for him and his wife. It's kind of the same thing where a man doesn't want to alone with a kid to avoid pedophilia allegations.

  • There's truth to that lol. Married men, assuming they're the happily married, not looking to cheat type, or gay men. They don't want anything from you except friendly conversation, so you usually don't have to worry about getting hit on, or leading them on. There's security in the knowledge that this has to be platonic, so you can hide out next to them and relax for a bit haha.

    • ..."hide out next to them and relax a bit" - that's exactly what happened to me recently!

      Thank you, Mlle., for clarifying that. Was just curious...

    • No problem!

  • I am no homewrecker

    • I certainly do not mean it like this... I meant "friendly", not sex

    • Oh well I guess those women mean that they don't have to worry about you chasing them, etc they assume you're "settled" and won't be looking to cheat.

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