How can white men have such a hard time in dating when they have so many women who will date them for being white?

I've never gotten why white guys on this site act like they have such a hard time in dating when they literally have such an easy time getting Indian, Hispanic and Asian women who will date several tiers lower in looks than them just because they are born with white skin.

Example: Fat techno nerd quits job and goes to Asia to fuck tons of women and made the news because of it. He had trouble getting white women in the west.

"I was fat, loved video games, and worked for $19/hour as a computer tech. My plans at the time were to get married to my girlfriend of five years, get a big house, and buy a lot of stuff. I had always wanted to travel, but I was told it was very expensive so I figured I’d do it ‘someday.’”

"Campbell, who refers to himself as “the most hated man in Asia” because of the intensely negative coverage he’s received in China and other countries, told NextShark that he hasn’t been fazed by the press’s criticism:"

California native David Campbell, 28, has been making headlines for his sexual exploits with women all over Asia. His YouTube videos, which show him picking up local women in Asia, have racked up millions of views but have also been met with extreme scrutiny.

Another white guy easily steals girl from Chinese guy.

How can white men have such a hard time in dating when they have so many women who will date them for being white?How the hell are you WHITE GUYS not getting easy pussy?


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  • Too bad im not in to white guys and im white myself XD haha

    • You are a piece of sh*t. The end.

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    • I dont brag or try to make any kind of fucking point u stupid idiot, u pretty much just came in called me and piece of shit over nothing
      + get a fucking life and stop arguing with me when u have no fucking clue about anything

      Fucking racist moron

    • Yeah, Yeah... My left nut is smarter than you :/

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  • You're confusing sociology with psychology. Studying trends in society won't give you insight into psychological make ups. They're two different sciences that you can't just throw together.

  • I think every one of these questions that are asked it's the asker coaxing girls to bash white guys to soothe his fragile ego. It's unfortunate most of the girls on her are too dumb to get it and they oblige almost every time.