Guys: how to find out if he's single and interested without being to pushy?

I met a guy at a running club. The last few weeks, we've been flirting and hanging out and talking to each other after the runs. He hasn't asked me out yet and usually, if a guy is interested, in my experience, he is quick to ask the girl out. I am wondering if he is has 1) has a girlfriend or 2) is really not that interested in me. How can I tactfully find out the answers? Thanks!


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  • You should ask his opinion on girls asking guys out and that will give you a clue. He could be just as unsure about your status.
    Also, ask him out when it is just you two there. Most guys, even if they turn you down, won't mention it to anyone else anyways.

    • I figured if he liked me, he would try to get my number. I feel like guys don't want girls to ask them out. Thoughts on this? I would love to be direct and ask him out but then I would t know if he really liked me

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    • Why do you say that? Is he not a take the lead kind of guy? I just assumed he wasn't interested if he didn't ask me out

    • No, it's more that he is probably unsure and would want the security of knowing what you think before he says anything.

  • You could ask, "What would your girlfriend think about that?" or "If my girlfriend heard about that she would be pissed."


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