So I dated this girl for a month, but she wants to have fun?

Okay so I dated this girl for a month. Things were going great. She told me I was the only guy she was seeing at the moment and I was like cool. So one day she told me that she didn't want a serious relationship because of so many reasons and she just wanted to have fun for the summer. Then she said I don't know how you feel about this and she didn't want to loose me cause she said I'm so much fun to hangout with we've had sex plenty of times too. So I know she likes me more than just a friend. I agreed. Well we've continued to date but after that day we haven't had sex. When we go out she still brings me around her family and everything and she even hints on sex but we never do. I called her one day to hangout and she said she had plans that night with a guy but she still made some time to see me before. We made out in public and went to a show she bought the tickets. She told me she would've canceled with him if I would've asked her earlier to hangout. The next day she wanted to hangout still but she was tired from her night of whatever she did and then work but she still wanted me to come over I told her some other day then and she got a little upset. She said we have not hungout like we used and she wants to give me a full day of her. So she told me we could hang all day Sunday. My plan is to try to have sex with her and if she's not willing too then I'm gonna back away cause I don't want to be the nice guy she dates just to get her friends and family approval and then goes off and screws somebody else afterwards. Does that make me a bad person?


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  • No you are not a bad person. But maybe you should just back off now because it doesn't sound like you want to just "have fun" with her. I think she is perfectly fine with continuing a sexual relationship with you so the sex is there if you want it.

    • I'm trying to go with the flow of things, of having a no string attach relationship with her. I guess I can straight up ask her and see what she really feels at this point. I still enjoy hanging with her but all these mixed signals is driving me crazy.

    • I don't think she is giving you mixed signals. She wants to have a no strings attached relationship with you. If she says that she doesn't want to have a serious relationship right now, take her at her word.

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  • No. It makes you smarter than 99% of guys when it comes to women.

    You should just fuck her and forget about her, since she just wants to be a ho for the summer.

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