Why would a guy that you just met say that you and he are as one?

He said that after me asking a personal question, then he said I can ask anything I want.


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  • That's a strong statement to make. Especially if you just met him, that's a little creepy to me and a red flag.


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  • It's a bit difficult since I have to attempt reverse method acting to really try to get into the mindset of this individual. Yet this is what seems to come from it:

    You and I, as one! You are woman: breasts, derriere, a magical hole. And I, as man, with the a rod of love. We should merge and unite, man and woman, ying and yang, and dance forever under the moonlight. You are my maiden and I am your knight, sword and all, and with my gallant steed I shall battle the mightiest dragon should you depart from my arms. We shall always be one, not two. Technically we are somewhat two, but we should be as one. You have a hole. I have something to put it in. Your face is like a summer breeze, your hair is like autumn delight. I, your knight, shall take long walks on the beach with you.

    ... that's the kind of vibe I'm getting from this.

    • It might be a tad inaccurate since I'm having to attempt to perform all this analysis from only a single line of dialogue. But I'm thinking it's something in this kind of range.

  • perhaps you have equal interests and desires.

  • At your age take what you can


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  • My first thought was he wants to get you thinking about the both of you together. In all kinds of ways lol. And appeal to your spiritual/romantic side, or any part of you that believes in fate and destiny. There's a good number of girls who put stock in that stuff.

    There's always those guys who go on about "I feel like we have a connection", "there's just something about you...", "I can feel a bond between us", etc. when you literally just met and barely know each other. Maybe they mean it... and maybe they just want to build familiarity to get you in bed faster. 😅

    I could be wrong, but that's my impression of what's going on.

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