Why wouldn't a guy respond to an online dating message from a girl?

I know this is silly, but I sent a message to someone I thought would be a good match with me on OKCupid. I'm not unattractive/overweight, I can spell, and I have enough pictures on there.
I thought guys usually don't get a lot of messages and would want to respond?
The only issue I can think of is I'm mixed race and maybe he didn't like that?

Update: I think it might be because he doesn't like lawyers. I'm a lawyer.


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  • are you sure he's an active member? someone who didn't delete his dating account?

    • Yeah he is. I saw him looking at my profile after I sent him the message.

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    • Ok I can see that. I did have it listed on there that I want a LTR.

    • thats good, seems like he was looking for a sex date. he was probably a player.

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  • Because they are not interested in her or they assumed she might be a catfish.


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  • As John mentioned, he could think you're fake.

    The mixed race thing could be it too.

    Maybe he just isn't attracted to you. Or maybe he saw something he considers to be a red flag or deal breaker.

    Or maybe he just hasn't signed in to check his messages, and doesn't have it set to send him email alerts.

    There are a LOT of possible reasons.

    • Mmkay well I'm the type of woman that most guys would be physically attracted to. So maybe it is the race thing.

  • Perhaps he thought that it was a contact from a fake profile that had been created by a scammer.
    During my brief foray into the toxic world of Internet dating, on one site I received about 200 messages per week from black men in Ghana and Nigeria who pretended (very badly) to be with women in various parts of the world who needed my help desperately.

  • He assumed you were a catfish. Most of the time a woman sends the first message it's a catfish or sham or just a troll.

  • That guy is stupid or gay. Message me I'll respond faster than my brother did when he found out katrina happened. This message is brought to you by Jeb Bush.

    • Thanks for the laugh.

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    • We don't need to go there Jeb.

    • Well there go my life's dreams.

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