If a guy is texting me at midnight about random non-sexual things, does it still mean he was trying to hook up since it's so late at night?

For example, he snappchatted me at around 2 PM we talked and then at around 11:45 the conversation went like this:

- Him "What are you doing?"
- Me "Thinking about my life"
- Him "What about it?"
-Me "Just thinking of the future"
- Him "The future is good"
- Me "It's better than the past"
- Him "You're so wise"

Then I said something then he told me he needed to go to bed. So my question is was I not supposed to talk to him past 11? My friend tells me that I shouldn't talk to a guy late at night because it turns sexual, but it never really has, unless he was trying to but I failed to see that somehow? What do you guys think?


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  • If im texting a girl at that time its because i want some ass


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  • I talk to plenty of guys late at night, and maybe it's just me, but just because it is late at night does not mean he was trying to hook up with you. If he doesn't give you a reason to do so, don't assume he is trying to hook up with you.


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  • I don't know if he's trying to hook up YET but it sounds like it could easily be going that way :/

  • Nah maybe he was just bored. Time doesn't have any relevance as to how the conversation goes. The topic is what matters.

  • Sometimes. Not always. Just see where the conversation heads if you like him.

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